2018 – Ridership is increasing!

Since 2006, Durham Region has seen a ridership increase of 52% and as such, the Regional Government has allocated $85 ($56 Net) million which represent an increase of 7.5% over 2017’s budget.

Below is a high-level list of what is provided, as far as Services go:

  • Bus Rapid Transit (PULSE)
  • Conventional and Specialized Transit
  • On Demand Transit
  • GO One Fare Anywhere

The status of the transit system shows that an even more budget “slice” may need to be put towards improving the current system bringing it to very high standards so that more people will be encouraged to use the Public Transportation system in the entire Durham Region.

A status  of the current system can be seen below:

  • 230 Conventional and Specialized vehicles – the average bus age is 7.5 years. Also, 100% of the buses are fully accessible.
  • 323 Drivers
  • 2,764 Bus Stops – 527 shelters
  • 2 Maintenance Facilities
  • 526,627 of conventional service annualy

    DRT Ridership Chart


Source: Durham.ca

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